21 April 2018

wakey wakey

I went to a Mosque 

A woman said I was a sweet as chocolate 
And gave me this little dish of candy!

I was totally welcomed with open arms. 

I like this hijab better. 
I didn’t wear the cap. 
They invited me back
For next weeks BBQ! 
I hope I get to go!

Now that I’m fasting 
Even one meal a day (OMAD)

I eat much much less. 

I typically get a large meal
And make two smaller meals from it. 

So Spring is finally here! 
I’ve determined myself 
To get up two hours before 
I need to be at work. 
So I don’t have to rush
And can still get my walk in 
And have some time with The Boys. 

You can’t complain about not having
Enough time - if you sleep later 
Than you should. I guess it should be, then,
You complain about not having enough sleep!
Or enough time for yourself. 

But that’s kinda the new reality of 
Two Jobs in the age of Trump. 
So many of my friends don’t get that 

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