07 April 2018

on a roll

Walking is my new fave thing. 
Since for so long I could not walk. 
Not without a brace or a cane. 

Now, I need a fit bit or pedometer 
For better tracking. 

Putting things right requires tools! 

We are having a second winter here. 
It’s in the 30s and  40s in DFW! 

I’m nothing if not fashionable!

Snake Juice in the making. 

So I took my measurements yesterday 
I am like an inch or so away from 
My all time smallest. 
BUT 20 pounds heavier. 
We shall see!
April is a “push hard” month
And May is testing. 
May is also 3 year
“aKNEEversary” for my injury. 


  1. Ahhhhh Snake Juice is just sodium and potassium. It’s an electrolyte replacement that you make at home from kitchen salts. It keeps you hydrated and able to fast longer. Part of a Fasting Focused Lifestyle. By Cole Robinson.
    More info to come!


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