14 April 2018

How I make Snake Juice

This is how I make my Snake Juice. 
Me. There are many variations. 
This is what works for me. 
Take 1 liter of well water. 

1 teaspoon pink salt. 
This provides the sodium chloride 

This is Nu Salt. 
This provides the potassium chloride 

I cut the top off for easy access 

1 teaspoon potassium chloride 

1 capsule cayenne pepper. 

You can use 1/2 
Or none at all. 
It’s mainly for taste. 

And that’s it! 
Snake Juice Water 
Allows us to fast longer. 
I tried water fasting. 

And it make me dizzy. 
Now I know why! 

I was using distilled water! 

From Coles video on potassium and sodium 


  1. Google “Snake Juice” and give Cole Robinson a shout out. He’s the originator of the Fasting Focused Lifestyle and Snake Juice plan!

  2. Well water, grew up on it, blech. Thanks, I tried to watch his video a few days ago but couldn’t take the yelling.


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