06 April 2018

gym rat

I tried dry fasting
But I was completely unprepared. 
So I stick with Snake Juice. 

Getting ready to work out at the gym! 
It’s nice to have people around
Who share the same goals. 
It’s nice to have a workout partner! 

I managed to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes 
And ride the bike a bit. 

Then to pick up some Hot And Sour Soup 

And maybe a few of these. 
They didn’t all get eaten 

Can’t wait to go several times a week!


  1. Dry fasting is when you have no food or water.
    A soft dry fast is when you can shower, and brush your teeth etc.
    A hard dry fast is when you make no contact with water whatsoever! It’s very aggressive.


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