04 April 2018


I loved this movie and how 
Anne Sullivan said that 
You had to know how to spell something 
Before you could look a word up
To figure out how to spell it! 

Swimming in my Larges

Some fun things from the Internet 

All real Texans should get this 

Don’t mind me. 
I’ve just become a shape shifter 
Fasting is funny because it’s
Anything but fast. 
It’s kinda slow and boring 


  1. I have absolutely nothing to say. But I’m trying to keep up the habit of blogging every day. Part of the discipline

  2. I read somewhere that discipline keeps you going when you no longer want to do something :)

  3. Hehehe on the Texan pic. Ditto I don’t have a lot to say but I want to blog more.

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