29 April 2018

hot bbq

“I’ll do my eating at the BBQ,”
Said Miss Scarlet - so many years ago. 

And she was right! 
That’s why fasting works so well. 
You can “save up” calories 
For an upcoming feast. 
And / or tone it down a little
Afterward if you overindulge! 

I was invited to a BBQ
At the local Mosque. 
This is sugar cane for a juice drink. 

Every kind of Abaya. 
The Abaya is the dress-like covering 
Women wear. You wear pants with it. 
And sometimes a shirt underneath. 
Some of these are quite ornate! 

Hajab pins

Halal meats, of course. 
And the spices! 
Decidedly Pakistan~esque 

I grew up thinking I didn’t like BBQ
Because it was always spicy! 
Lol. Now I could grill every meal
And be happy. 

In Texas, to “grill”
And to “BBQ”
Means basically the same thing. 

A modern twist -
An insulated carafe!

The very best Beef Jerky 
I have ever tasted. 

I got myself a new Hijab.
For Ramadan. 

The little gathering had the look and feel
Of a Bazaar or Open Market. 

90% of the women wore a Hijab. 
That is like mine, with an open face. 
Every color and pattern and design. 
There were a few Niqabs-
That is with a face covering, 
With mainly just they eyes showing. 
And there were some women 
with no head coverings at all. 

With my visible blonde hair
And no skull cap, 
I was quite the standout! 

Most any time I have gone to 
Christian churches with friends, 
I am basically ignored. 
Or perhaps invisible! 
Here at the Mosque, I was made
To feel perfectly welcome. 
People remembered my name! 
They approached me
With open arms! 
They made sure I had everything 
And anything I needed. 
I can’t wait for Ramadan! 

Two pretty little hijab pins 

I got a Henna design on my hand! 
I had such a good time! 
It was so memorable. 
And I walked like 1800 steps. 


  1. Here is a link for information about Islam and head coverings.

  2. More about head coverings around the world

  3. It is wonderful to be welcomed into a new (to you) community.

  4. Beautiful! I found my old (30 yrs +) Middle Eastern dance costumes in back corner of closet I've been cleaning out upstairs...
    I’m sure none of the tops fit anymore, but when I have the house to myself, I want to try on the skirts & give my veils a twirl for auld lang syne.
    Also made long-overdue appt w/new podiatrist to see if he has any helpful hints for Hyde, my crippled-up L foot. (I didn’t go back to old podiatrist 6 yrs ago when he started talking about SURGERY to break & reset my metatarsal arch - I MUST be able to drive, my life can’t go on otherwise!)


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