02 July 2014

what a week!

Yay Fourth of July!

Meat is On Sale!

Bacon is the Flavor of the Day!

Finally re-organized my apartment
With help - thanks, Sherri

Cheese, cheese and Baked Cheese

 Yum Burger? 

At BurgerFi

 DownTown Garland 

BlueGrass on the Square

Rynaud's Phenomenon
This is the 2nd or 3rd time in as many years
That my finger turned (dead) and white

Painting and big projects always go better with help!

 Sherri made this -

And this -

She is almost a graduate of the Anne 
Low Carb School of Cooking and Stuff

Can't take me anywhere!

 Kept saying "Go Faster"
And I was like "Nope"

Easter and Now
about a pound every other day is gone from me!

The end!

I also quit my job.
The mom I worked for was like 
"WHO (screaming) in the FUCK do you Nurses think you are?"
(When I asked off for the reunion)
And sarcastic things like "Don't you understand anything?"
And on and on this went for 4 hours!
Then started up again.

I just thought that is not a good place for me to be in.
She also said I have an eating disorder.
Because I am on a "diet" and don't eat carbs!

I drove right to the office and told them what happened.
I told them I could not go back into that environment. 
Not for any amount of money.
8 months of that!

Between that and the Group Home,
I was starting to answer to the term "Fucking Bitch."
And that is not good!


  1. Good for you! -Donna (not logged in on phone) VSG

  2. Wow, can't believe you made it through 8 mos of that horrible woman! Some days I despair at being the same race (human) as some truly despicable people like her. Good for you getting away from a toxic environment!

    1. Thanks! I love everyone and all people need a good nurse and a loving, caring support group. BUT, this is not the first time, nor the second, nor even the third time I have "taken one for the team" .... it was getting pretty close to Stockholm Syndrome on my part at one time. All my friends were after me to quit. And the memory of my Dearly Departed Mother is much happier now (well, I think she is-) that I voluntarily ended my exposure to that daily toxic dose of unhealed, unhealthy mess. My DON said my shoulders were up around my ears! And I gained like a little champ - must be the cortisol - gotta take care of the only body we have, eh?
      All the other Nurses quit that day on the spot, as well.

  3. Great self care - quitting toxic work! Something better is coming for you hon :) Go jump into some water and float around on one of those blow up float thingys ---relax and enjoy your lazy days off - you deserve that and more.
    PS Hi Sherri!

  4. Aw, Miss A…that really sucks that you had to put up with that. I am glad you have moved on to better things.

    Looks like a really great week and I am so happy that you got to BurgerFi! I wish they would open one up right across the road from me. I would eat there everyday!

    All the meals I see here make me want to move to TX. Wheeeeeeee!

    1. Come on down - I'll cook for you all day!

  5. I'm so proud of you-- standing up for yourself is HUGE. Your food pics look absolutely amazing! You're rocking this deal, Anne!

  6. Wow. We did have a busy week, didn't we?


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