31 July 2014

sherri graduates

"Running late - again!" I called to tell Sherri 
I would be late for the Monday night Cooking "Class!"

"No Probs" quoth she!

Sherri put together a wonderful dinner
Using only her imagination and a few Sundry Items

A little prep shopping and chopping.

We CAN follow a recipe - And we have...
BUT we are mostly cooking without them....
And learning how and why things make food taste better!

Fresh Fruit is Summer is a treat

Especially when it comes from a produce stand 

In or near East Texas!

Get rid of the junk food, and 
Don't eat out so much,
And you are more than half-way there!

Sherri is now able to cook almost anything!
With skill and ease!
She is an official graduate of the 
CT LC School of Foodolgy.
Graduating with honors: Mo Beta Fry!

Not that there is anything wrong with the old way...
So Sherri is officially a cook! 
And an awesome one - at that!


  1. Congrats to Sherri!
    Cooking + Imagination=ART
    (and what looks like a mighty tasty dinner)

  2. We sometimes go to her fridge and look in and say -
    WHAT can we put together from just this?
    This, and a few basic items from the store or the butcher shop!

  3. omg..had swansons all the time as a kid......that one particularly ..sherry seems to be a better cook.

  4. I think she survived on a steady diet of Marie Callender and Bob Evens stuff...
    When she was not going out to eat.....still -
    Nothing beats LoCarb (or lower carb) Healthy Home-Made Food!

  5. You may have overstated it a bit when you said I can cook almost anything, but my repertoire is slowing growing! I set an all-time record this week with home-cooked meals four nights in a row. Thanks for hanging in there with me, Anne. I'm sure I seemed like a pretty hopeless cause when we first started. I know I felt like one. This lifestyle is better on the tastebuds, better for the waistline, and definitely better on the budget! I've added my membership in Mo Beta Fry to my resume. :)

  6. Hi Sherri, however you are a nurse by profession but still you look a great cook too as the food prepared here in photos looks so yummy and I hope sometimes your patients will be more healthy if you serve this tasty food to them...but make sure they are allowed to have such tasty food.

  7. Nice!! That meal looks incredible!! :) You brought back the memories with the TV Dinner-- oh yeah---The aluminum tin tray-- can't find those anymore!! I don't necessarily miss the TV dinner--but I sure wish I could find the old Banquet brand Boil N Bags entrees... Cream chipped beef---oh my... and chicken ala king... Isn't it interesting my two favorites were based in a cream like gravy thing? LOL Always enjoy your posts. Thank you!!

  8. Mo Beta Fry kilt me! Hahahahaaa! Congratulations, Sherri! Love the pic of you ladies in the chef hats!!!


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