27 July 2014

lucky layla

Oh joy!

 I get to go to see Lucky Layla! (link)

And to think, we almost lost her.
Lucky Layla is fine.
But the world has gone mad!
Time and again, the Feds are tying to take away
People's rights for basic foodie things. 
Like raw milk. (link)

Best Raw Milk in town.
But now, they make you sign a paper.

Smack Dab in the middle of the big city of Plano

Now they sell Farm Fresh Eggs
Laid in America by Happy Texas Hens

And they always have lots of Raw Milk Butter!

And yogurt - even in the grocery stores!


  1. No Kittehs were flung in the making of this blog.
    That is a Ketteh Pic from the Internet!

  2. With all the serious problems and chaos that are occurring around the US and the World, I'm constantly amazed at what the Feds have time to spend taxpayer money on.

    I've never actually had any raw dairy products, but if I had the opportunity, I'd be all over it. That butter looks yummy!


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