30 July 2014

street cred

New kicks.... lol

Not new, but bless her heart

Not new either - 
In-n-Out never gets old.
This is the Flying Dutchman from the Secret Menu

Gruel and unusual punishment 

Not yet Halloween

Heave Ho Crane

Cheap Date

Leaders are Readers - the sign says

Rockwall Court House

Licked to Death by savage pups

Finally some rain - and the temp got below 100!

Cuz it gets pretty hot in the car with the windows up!

The End


  1. Fun fun fun till someone takes the T-Bone away!

  2. I ate at RaceTrac last week when leaving Denton and thought of the "cheap date" we had there when we went to Arlington! lol
    Rural Texas is sure a different place than City Texas. Some of the photos you've taken while driving in the rural areas near Dallas are cool. Love the old buildings, especially the ones that look like they could fall over at any moment.

  3. When you use the term "kicks" it seems cool. When I did it was awkward. What gives? :)
    Nice shoes. In N Out-- brings back memories of my time in L.A... great place.
    Glad you had some relief from the scorching summer heat.

  4. Miss A, you are just too funny!


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