26 July 2014

new scrubs

WAY too hot here - 
Went in to the Library to write and cool off

Libraries are big and open 
And they LOVE to have people come in and stay a while.
The one in Allen has a cafe

Super Cool Cooling Cloth?

Well... the results are not conclusive.
The Emperor has one more scarf for his clothing set.

Did not really work any better than any other wet cloth -


Three nights last week, I came home
And collapsed by 5 pm ... slept till 5 am
Don't think I even turned over once.

Too hot for dinner.
Just had 3 scoops of protein powder all day.
For 3 days.  That, and a bit of MCT oil.
And a bite or two of cheese.
So maybe 500 calories.

Don't forget to eat!
Or you will walk sideways into doors and stuff.

So I went right in to "problem solving mode"
And ordered new scrubs - a set for each day I work...
All light colors - instead of the
Navy Blue, Burgundy, and Green 
I wore in the winter 
(Or when they keep the place at 68 degrees)

And got out the coolers and water bottles --
And am really facing down this summer heat!

Fire or Ice? I think Fire, for sure.


  1. Nice new scrubs and I love the shoes. Don't forget to eat, Miss A! Stay cool!

  2. Please GoofBall - eat something!


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