08 July 2014

dinner with sherri

Sherri, here.  
I’ve borrowed the blog
To tell the story of “Dinner With Sherri” 
From my side of things.  

So some of you may not have realized
That “Dinner With Sherri” is about 
Carb teaching me to cook.

And not just cook low carb, 
But cook at all.
(Disclaimer - it is not my mother’s fault that I cannot cook.
She tried, and I just was not interested.)

So with some handy dandy cooking equipment

And some expert lessons from Carb,
I have learned a thing or two in the last 6 months.

And how there are some wonderful substitutes
For some of the high carb ingredients I used to use.

Like how important it is to cook 
Some of the ingredients separately
To soften and sweeten them up.

And how fantastic the meat selection can be
If one is willing to shop outside the neighborhood
Supermarket once in a while.

Most importantly, 
Cooking doesn’t have to take forever,
Be too messy, or involve complicated recipes
(all of which was a real turnoff for me when
It came to cooking).

I can now turn out several different meals –
All of which are made from “real” ingredients, and which
 I enjoy eating myself once it’s ready,
Which is a completely new experience for me!

So thanks, Carb, Anne,
For teaching me
And for letting me tell the story this week!
You are the best.
(And my mother thinks you are a minor miracle worker!)
Can’t wait for next Monday night and
Dinner With Sherri!


  1. You are awesome and I am so very proud of you! You've come such a long way.

    1. You my dear one, who have been to cooking school and are a WONDERFUL cook, should know! Love you!

  2. That's awesome, congrats to you both! I'm singing That's What Friends Are For in my head right now...and it'll probably get stuck there for the rest of the week LOL!

    1. I couldn't have a better friend than this one! Now that song will be in my head for the rest of the week, too! :)

  3. Fabulously fun! Great looking dinner!! Great job Carb!

  4. Monday nights are the best time ever -
    I love our "classes" !!

  5. The other side of the story! Love it! You are doing great, Sherri and you have a wonderful teacher in Miss A!

    1. She is absolutely the best, Kimberley. You would not believe how my "cooking" used to look. Now it actually looks like cooking! :)

  6. This should be a reality show and Anne goes around to different houses and teaches people to cook low carb, and I would be one student. Is there a Cooking with Sherri youtube channell? There should be, I would watch it!!


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