28 July 2014

picnic at the arboretum

So Sherri comes over for lunch on Saturday

We went to the Dallas Arboretum

And I thought - why not bring a lunch?

So I nade a little picnic basket

I once bet Sherri $5  that in time,
She would discover (as I have)
That food you make yourself at home
Is Better, Healthier, Cheaper, and even Faster
Than almost ANYTHING you can buy - eating out!

I think she is almost convinced!

These little bottles fit in my cooler

Nice lunch surroundings!

On the way back to my place,
There was this huge Church -

I grew up in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas

Never saw this before!
By now Sherri is used to me taking a picture of everything in the world.
She even suggested we stop here!


  1. Nice picnic and the arboretum looks lovely. I think Sherri should pay you that $5 soon!

  2. I owe this friend lots more than $5. Great lunch, Anne. Thanks for the wonderful morning!

  3. The arboretum looks lovely.

    All the best Jan

  4. Speaking of pictures, do you save them all?

    1. Funny you should ask that - I reached max capacity on my phone... and had to delete a few thousand pics... but I backed them up to my computer... which holds like 1 TB...
      The last Mac I had over 30,000 pics on it! What can ya do with that!!!

  5. Thank you for taking me along!! Great looking picnic! I'm with previous-- There's no argument...Sherri owes you 5 bucks! :)


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