27 July 2014

shirataki noodle vs shirataki noodle

Comparing two kinds of "miracle noodles"...
The actual kind and the grocery store kind.

One is ZC (no carbs) 
One has 4 carbs per serving....
Both are made with Konjack Noodles... (link)
Only watch out for soy.
Soy is a sick, rancid chemical, all GMO,
And we don't ever need soy, ever, in any amount.
(Says the former Vegan who once lived on soy!)

Hint: WASH them before you serve them

Made some Zoodles....

Spiral cut Zucchini

Italian Sausage and Brats

Sherri cooks

I prance - after my nearly 20 pound re re gain loss

One kind - more translucent

The other kind - more starchy

No real taste difference

Both make for a great scramble

Fried Tomatoes in Balsamic Vinegar.....
Sausage.... Zoodles.... and Noodles


And dinnah - is - suvved, y'all!

The winner - 
If you are really strict on carbs, get the Miracle Noodles. (link)
If Albertson's in nearby, get the other!


  1. AAaaaaand... Amazon comes in with an even better price - check it out if you are interested!

  2. man I NEEED TO GET OUT MY SPIRALIZER and finally use it.

  3. This was such a great meal!! Sorry you left your left-overs behind, Anne. Meant I had to eat them for you. :)

  4. Have been thinking on these for awhile....hmmm

  5. Hi Sherri. I actually write all the blogs for MiracleNoodle.com and came across your blog. Thanks for featuring Miracle Noodles. You are right about soy. In fact, I wrote a blog about why there should be no soy in shirataki noodles: http://www.miraclenoodle.com/t-no-protein-in-shirataki.aspx

  6. Nice prance in your pance! LOL! No noodles for me please…soy is da debil! I have zucchini with sauce, but I am not spending money on a fancy slicer dicer…I just cut it up!


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