13 July 2014

a day off

How rare (and wonderful) it is
To have a day off with a friend

My new job is kinda part-time, light-duty
Monday through Friday 9 to 5
And it is driving me crazy from not having enough to do!
Since I am a Work Horse.

So Sherri and I went to the Dallas Arboretum (link)

Lots to do and see

If you get there early enough, you beat the crowds

And some of the summer heat

The DeGoyler Estate (link)

Can you see him? A big Spider in the Morning Dew

Lunch on the Veranda

Sherri FINALLY agreed that the food cooked at home is better,
Tastier, Healthier, and Less Expensive
Than ANY FOOD you can get out, almost ANYWHERE!
Unless you eat at an Organic Paleo Cafe.
So just eat at home to be safe and sure!

A Bird for Lunch (link)
A Video of our little friend

Took the bread to the Ducks at White Rock Lake

Vitruvian Park in the Day

Who eats Chicken and lives to tell it?
We were still hungry about a hour after lunch.
Chicken is a crazy thing for people
Who honestly think (or have been told)
That it is somehow healthier than Beef.
The old way of thinking about Saturated Fats.

So we went to In-N-Out for a
Double Double Protein Style
And ate it in the truck!
Such a fun day!
About time!


  1. I feel like I just went on that tour with you!! Thank you for the beautiful photos!! The double double protein style--whoa... I want one. I would need to drive 5 hours to the nearest In-N-Out burger... Maybe make it a road trip--pick up Neil Patrick Harris along the way... Oh wait, that sounds like the plot to a "must have that burger" type movie... :) What an enjoyable post. Thank you!

  2. We really had a great time! Let's go do it again!

  3. I think we looked pretty spiffy in our Santa Clara Vanguard drum corps shirts!

  4. Ugh, we just came back from a vacation where we had to eat out every meal. I got so I'd rather starve than eat another salad with dried out white meat chicken of dubiously consistent texture. So I skipped some meals altogether and sipped iced tea while my family ate carbier fare--not minding the "deprivation" at all.
    Congrats on your new job, I always loved home health best.
    And your photos are beautiful.


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