04 July 2014

supercilious me

All around town

Great find, Kathryn!

I thought it said Rare Bones

They found you, Splinter

Dallas traffic and roads - looks like a war zone here

Still getting things done

Is it my imagination, or does Home Depot play 
Some really good songs?

Still dropping weight like a bandit-
About a half a pound a day.
I keep pinching myself to see whassup!

Took the Holiday Weekend off 
Before I start my new job,
And Sally's Beauty Supply gave me this awesome bag.
Because they want me to keep being a Blonde.

Cleaning with my buddy Mr Clean

Bacon Bacon is everywhere

Now they tell us it's ok.
WE already knew that!
Paleo is changing everything!
Low Carb people already knew this.

Just to clarify -
I am not Paleo - I tired that phase, and gained!
12 pounds of pure solid muscle and a little extra.
Plus, I do have dairy. (Primal?)
And artificial sweeteners. Can't do the Carby Sweeteners.
I call it "Atkins!"

Love this dog
How beautiful to be back to blogging!
And doing well!

I quit drinking wine in halfhearted effort
Back in March.
Then I got really serious about the 20 pounds I had gained.
The other day, I had some wine, and it was awful!
I thought it had gone bad or was actually kerosene.
It was just not good. 
So yeah - might be done with that phase.


  1. Looks like you are having an awesome time and getting a lot of things done - you look great!

  2. You are not supercilious…you are super duper deluxe!

  3. Enjoyed the visuals! You're rocking it, Anne! I agree with Kimberley--Super Duper Deluxe! Oh--and OMGoodness: Sirloin/bacon grind---wow. I've never seen such a brilliant offering in my local meat departments! Glad you're back to blogging--Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  4. Those are the brackets you were talking about. You're right - perfect solution to the project!


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