19 July 2014

genghis grill

Genghis Grill

They are good for meats - but watch the sauces!
They have also added cabbage as a rice (or wrap) sub
And you can pick a size S-M-L

Went with Miss K -

It was great!

We made a commitment to walk so many times a week

Plenty of places nearby 

Three walks a week - is the goal -

Two regular ones, and one longer one ...
There are plenty of walking trails and lakes
In and near Dallas 

Its great to have a walking partner 
Who understands Low Carb - 
And is dedicated to getting healthy!
She helps inspire me!


  1. Glad you have a walking partner - that makes it so much easier!

  2. Hey…where did my comment go? This is a test.

  3. It worked that time…now to remember what I said. I am sure it was something along the lines of being glad you have a walking partner and that if we lived closer together you would have another one. Nice on the cabbage!!!


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