16 July 2014

a day at the orifice

Office Stuff

I work in an office 
And do driving visits again

I seem to thrive in a truck!
And I do much better on days.....
Driving around listening to music 
And seeing Patients...

Rain in Dallas

Sherri made this....
A Scramble and a Salad

I showed up just in time to eat dinner!
Sherri said "Don't get used to it!" 

Stand-Up in the office (report)
They serve Berries

Wanted to grow Ye Olde Hair out but no-

Iced Coffee
Never sees heat -
Brews 12 hours (overnight) in the fridge

Driving all over town and back
Some days over 150 miles....!

Popeye's Gas?
Yep - Gas and Fried Chicken

Christmas in July?

Picturesque settings

And dinner for me when I get home -
I cook about 1/3 pound Ground Beef
Or some other Meat

And my Protein Shakes during the day -
Made with the coffee I cold brewed....
Because it is just way to hot to stop and eat!
And water - lots of water!

It is even too hot at night to cook and eat!
Welcome to Texas!
THAT is why we all grill so much!

I LOVE my new job!
And no more answering to "Fucking Bitch!"
Now, I just answer to "Hey - Nurse!"
(Yes? How may I help you?)


  1. New job sounds like a perfect fit.
    I need a Sherri ;)
    How do you make that ice coffee in the fridge?

    1. lol - Two times already my Monday night cases ran late -
      And Sherri had dinner ready to go for her people...
      She graciously invited me - and sent me home with a doggie bag, as well!

      The coffee is easy peasy....
      Just put the same amount of scoops in cold water -
      Set it in the fridge... and in the morning, filter as usual!
      I might use a smidgen extra for cold brewing....
      Since there is no heat source at all!
      GREAT for iced coffee... just add cream.
      I also add a bit of Medium Chain Triglycerides for a fat source...
      I personally add protein powder - and it is super filling...
      A real meal replacement - and easy to take with!

    2. Anne does way more for me than I could ever do for her. Fortunately, she has taught me enough about cooking, and cooked enough recipes with me over the last few months, that I can do it on my own once in a while.

  2. I'm with Granny--How do I make iced coffee in the fridge?? Wonderful! Thanks for inviting me along for your day at the office! It was like "take your blog reading admirers to work" day. LOL ;) I absolutely LOVE it that you've changed jobs and you're in a place where you receive the respect you deserve. Excellent post, thank you!!

  3. Loved this post! I live in Dallas too and it really feels like Christmas in July - I was COLD this morning! :)
    I think I'll try the cold brewed coffee. Saw all the butter in your fridge - the good stuff! And finally, the last bit of the post was hilarious! :)

    Have a great weekend!!


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