15 July 2014

civilized caveman

Got a new shirt to wear to see the Civilized Caveman
(link) at Dallas Half-Price Books (link)

Tons of Paleo People were present

ANNE - keep your hands off the Celebrities!

New York Times Best Seller List- congrats!

George Bryant and Juli Bauer
Do a book signing for 
The Paleo Kitchen (link)

Sherri and I went -

Doctor Sherri in her natural habitat and Happy Place

I Heart Bacon

After party .... the In-N-Out Burger

Flying DutchMan from the secret menu 

It was a great time - thanks, Sherri!


  1. I chickened out about the shirt and wore my purple NO H8 shirt..
    Which got a ton of compliments!

  2. Looks like fun! Also Sherri in her natural habitat is adorable! What is the secret menu?

    1. The In-N-Out Secret Menu has things that are not posted on the regular menu.
      Like Animal Style (grilled onions and a secret sauce)
      Or Protein Style (no bun - uses a lettuce wrap instead)

  3. The wonderful energy you two project is a pleasure to see. Your blog is like you've invited me along for the day. Thank you for letting me tag along!!! Can we go back to In-N-Out now? The next time I see one--I'm totally getting a protein style for dinner. Wow-- Love it.

  4. OMG so love that T shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This was SO MUCH FUN! How lucky I am to get to hang out with famous people - Carb and Caveman. I must admit that having someone come up and say, "Are you Carb Tripper" was pretty cool, especially when she then looked at me and said, "And you're Dinner with Sherri!" The highlight of the evening was seeing George's face light up when he recognized Anne through the window of the room they were in when we first arrived. Thanks, Anne, for letting me tag along with you. (And for being patient after I said I wasn't going to shop and then proceeded to spend half an hour in the young adult section.)


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