25 June 2014

status quote

This meat only diet is great for me

Sherri and I went to a DCI simulcast

Lots of good stuff

It's kinda like band - but it's Drum And Bugle Corps!
Phantom Regiment here - from a DCI blog!

Off to pee in a little cup for a new job
Same case - different company -

Rainy here - I love it so

Lots of nuts everywhere - 

Got a load of meat from my fave butcher shop

This is from about the time at the cabin - mid April
To now.... When i really started back with no cheating - about 2 weeks!
I have lost 12 pounds (after I gained 20)and counting.
Stopping the drinking of the Wine
Helped more than anything.

Nothing like getting back on track when you wonder off


  1. Was that the Fathom Event? I love Drum Corp & was wishing I had someone to go see it with. Glad you enjoyed it. I was actually in a couple of competitions many, many, many, many years ago...might be when they first started, right after the Civil War LOL! They were very different then. I've loved watching them evolve over time thanks to PBS.
    Happy to hear your reboot is going well too. :)

  2. That salami looks so delicious! Glad you are doing well!

  3. Glad you're back on track and salami and cheese, with olives, is my favourite afternoon snack, thanks to you!

  4. So happy you're so solidly back into the groove!! And wow, that side by side comparison photo--my goodness--that tells a story!!


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