07 July 2014

before and after the new job!

Summer is here 

I got the up lights
After - what - only 8 months!?!

Poppy Art - after again - only 8 months of saying 
I was "fixing to" get to that...

Organizing the closets and minutia

Met with a Nurse Friend at Starbucks
And this Handsome Guy wanted in -

Plants in Real Life -
My fave flower - Moss Rose

Before and After -
This is great SF BBQ Sauce (link)
On a Bacon/Sirloin Burger...

With Raspberry Teas and Peach Tea,
Since I am running out of things to give up drinking!

Got some little solar lights for the patio

Even a few fake green plants here and there

Trying to make it a more livable life - 
And not just work and pass out on the cough
You know- that old chestnut!

The little solar lights were just perfect!

So far, so good!
At least for today!
A smile!


  1. Great smile! I always look forward to your blog.

  2. Very charming! I hope all the change bring you much happiness.

  3. One day at a time! Your place looks so cute :)

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  5. Love it all, Miss A! The poppy picture is just deluxe and once again, may I say how homey your place looks. Would love to have a burger and peach iced tea on your deck.

    We recently got some pretty swanky chaise loungers from a friend and they are so nice for enjoying the balcony. When we lived on seven I wouldn't go out, but now we are on three and it is not so high up.

    So happy that you left that job and are moving forward!

  6. Anne you really look radiant and healthy in this photo..really good. Happy for you!

    PS I have porch envy!! Sooo nice and love that rug

  7. I recently came upon your blog and think you are absolutely adorable! You are very inspiring both with your willpower and your wonderful attitude. You do look radiant and have the most gorgeous skin. Your home looks lovely. I look forward to following you and will look the blog up when I feel like sabotaging myself with something carby. Keep it up.
    With admiration, Kathy

  8. That's my favorite smile - the happy relaxed one with the dimples to die for!

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