06 July 2014

roy and pat and jim

Roy and Pat from the old apartment called up

Asked what I was doing -
"Nuttin', Hunny!" says I

So, over they came - and we had a LC feast!

Strawberry Beer is 17 carbs each.
Might be worth a taste - but not worth a day's allotment!

Every year (for the past 9 years) we all get together on the fourth -
One year (past) we drank wine on the veranda,
And no one had glasses that matched.
So we drank boxed (cooking) wine from measuring cups,
And coffee cups, and Mason Jars.

Hamburgers and all kinds of good stuff

The party of the year, if you ask me

Grok it

My dear Pat on my ever- shrinking lap!

Yep - that is me- I am on a roll!
After getting out from under by "bad" job
And standing up for myself 
(And yes - that is huge, Sean! - thanks for reminding me of that!)
I slept and chilled for a few days -
And I feel the stress just melting away from me!


  1. Looks like a great party! Wish I could have been there for those low carb eats! Delightful!

  2. Hi Anne, Glad you continued your July 4th tradition with friends-- Looks like a grand party.

    You are looking good and I am sooooo glad you stood up for yourself and booted the less than kind person you were working for. Sheesh-- What is wrong with people!?!?

    Keep chillin' and de-stressin'.
    xo jj


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