01 August 2014

sunrise, sunset

Cool temps today!

The coolest temp of all

Disney streets in Dallas - 
With names like Pinocchio, Tinkerbell, 

One too many Pleasant Valley Sundaes?

The drought continues..
This is a few years ago, and now

I go in early - like 6:30
Tonight I got home after 2100
That is 9 pm for you Civilians

I do much better with Red Beef - 
Even if it is a million degrees outside!
I say yes, when other Nurses are still trying to think
About if they will take the shift or not!


  1. What a long day for you - at least the unseasonably cool temperatures should make the driving more enjoyable. I love that picture of the In-N-Out with all those low clouds. That's awesome.

  2. Nice on the yes, and especially nice on the burger!!! You are the hottest temp if you ask me. ;)


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