01 June 2009

tastes just like candy...honest!

protein to go

Netrition claims that Nectar brand protein mix tastes so good you can eat it right from the package. Just like candy. They are right!

I follow a low-carb lifestyle, and lave been loving it since mid March. I'm really just starting -- a newbie!

But I really like the taste and convenience of a protein mix. The protein powders made by Syntrax/Nectar have no carbs, no nutrasweet. They dissolve instantly with just a spoon. They are whey based, and alot better than some of the stuff than you can get from the stores.

They're a good substitute, especially if you have a job like mine where you can't always sit down for a hot meal on a plate, at a table.

Yes, they have Splenda (sucralose) and also artificial colors, sorta like kool-aide. But they can be an occasional indulgence for a non-purist. By the way, they also have a non-flavored mix that offers the same "superior protein" per oz. scoop.

I mix up different flavors for days I know lunch time will be short. (Non-existent is more like it!) I put them in those little containers that Protein Shots come in. Yea for protein!


  1. I also say yeah for protein. I so not do well if I do not have it.

  2. Alot of people love the natural foods - I do too. But in reality, these mixes work very well. Not exactly junk food...Thanks for your comment, Mary Beth!

  3. Anne,

    Those protein powders sound very tasty. My question is this ... since they really taste candy-like, do they trigger any cravings in you? Or, do they simply satisfy your sweet tooth? I could see it going either way.

    I have some LC sweets in my diet (mostly stevia, as you know). But I haven't touched anything candy-like in a long time. I'm not sure how I'd react. I used to love candy though. I'm sure I still do. :-)

    Thanks for the review! You and Low Carber are keeping me up-to-date on what LC products are out there! Good stuff!

  4. Harry - Actually no cravings and no blood sugar rise. Incredible that I didn't mention that. Thanks. I use the non-flavored one more than the others. It tastes like, well nothing, or maybe whey. I like the convenience of not having to cook, and still getting to eat that day!

  5. Hiya Hun..very interesting post! will definitely try it out..also wanted to ask why the probiotics? let me go jumb to V's blog if i can find it..Love Your blog! xx


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