16 June 2009

scales of justice

who is blind, by the way

I measure foods and weigh them, because my mind's eye has NO IDEA what a "portion" should be. I tell myself and I really believe that I only ate "just a little," and behold! It wasn't "just a little!"

On the other hand, 3 ounces of something isn't very much. Or 3.451 ounces.

Curious how it all adds up. Especially when compared to the "super-sized" meals I was used to. VALUE MEALS? What value? At the end of the day, there was not much there to value.

Even with Atkins, or pseudo Atkins, it's still important to be aware of things like portions and calories, and sodium content. What's the use of having a "metabolic advantage" if it's not an advantage to you, on a personal level?

I look at what other people post, and I am amazed at how little they eat. One egg...one bite....one little smidgen of this or that. And right next to it, they post how much weight they dropped this week alone. Also, these insightful people tend to work out every day, even when they would MUCH rather say "I would prefer not to!"

Although they don't say it, I wonder how many people walk around a little hungry sometimes? Or a lot hungry, a lot of the time?


  1. I think a lot of times we eat a lot out of habit. I didn't miss the extra food at all when I cut down from eating off dinner plates to eating off luncheon or salad plates. After surgery, I cut down to even smaller plates. I have to say I haven't missed the extra food at all.

    It's odd, because it's more a mind game than a stomach game. We learn from youth to "clean our plates" and that more food is better (especially when we eat out, learning that VOLUME has more value than QUALITY).

    I still surprise myself sometimes with serving sizes, and looking back I am amazed that cutting back got me closer to a "serving size" than what I was eating.

    I don't use scales, because they still make me feel deprived, although I probably should get in the habit. Seeing that little tiny plate all covered with food still gives me the kick I used to get when the plate was 4 times the size.

    I guess I still have a ways to go ;)

  2. Hmmm.. I think the answer is in the quality of food that many of us eat.. I mean I have enough will power to withstand fresh piping hot Krispy Kreme donuts.. I mean I could eat 4 in one setting and an hour later grab another one..and continue every hour till I ate the whole box by myself with no ill intent...but the damage is done.. doing low carb I just don't get those cravings anymore.. I am satisfied with what I eat..

    A tell tell sign of someone that is not ready to sucueed on their diet is this.. "When I lose weight I am going to treat myself to this (insert some insanely high carb, sugar loaded delicacy)!" Many people say that to me.." Well, we can go out when your not on a diet anymore.. sure maybe a low fat diet I have to be careful on..but a life style change on LC..I can eat any where!!! Eat well, lose weight and be happy :)

  3. Portion control really may be the key to the kingdom. I had no idea what a proper portion might possibly be either, and restaurants constantly seem to be upsizing portions as well.

    Very though-provoking post.

  4. another intriguing post anneh,
    when i started on my journey last december, i was actually considering stomach stapling. thats how out of control i was. serious stuff.

    one thing i notice now, the morning after a carb up, i feel hungry. this usually disappears as the day goes by, but low carbs mornings are easy. makes me wish i didnt need to carb up sometimes. im not ruling that out.

  5. You're the first low-carber that I have ever known to mention portion sizes and calories. I'm very impressed by that because I think one has to look at the big picture, which is what you are doing.

    While not dieting at the moment, my hubby is a low carb guy. He has a huge bowl of peanuts every day after work. He's lean and doesn't have much to lose, but he also has no idea of the amount of calories he is consuming. I should weigh it for him sometime.

    I am also amazed at photos of food. Like you, I wonder if some people are walking around hungry.

    I always try to get the biggest bang for the buck and I'm not afraid to admit that.

  6. Incredible yet very true, at least for some of us.
    Ah, life is but a dream...you would think!

  7. Portion control has been a foreign language to many a dieter for many a year. I'm just now learning that a "portion" is not the entire pork chop or chicken breast. I'm old, so the learning curve is a steep one, but at least I'm trying. And I can tell you're on the right track by reading this post. Way to go.

  8. Even Atkins wrote that a low carb lifestyle is not an excuse for gorging yourself! I'm paraphrasing, but the idea makes sense. Eat when you're hungry, eat enough to hold you, not to be stuffed. In short, I need to change my approach to eating in more ways than one!

  9. I still feel hunger pangs on a regular basis. It's manageable but still present. I just consciously try to refrain from answering those calls when I know I've eaten enough to properly nourish myself.

    Thanks for your posts. Take care.


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