22 June 2009

"island" of Langerhans

island vacation of sorts

Having a lovely time on my food vacation - other wise known as an intermittent fast.

Fasting is easier in the summer when it's sometimes too hot to eat. A little water fast works out just right.

I am not a purist. I can and do break the fast anytime my body or circumstances tell me to stop fasting and start eating again.

Never fast, of course, when you feel dizzy or light-headed, or sick or if you have anything going on with your body health-wise. I'm not talking about long, heroic fasting here. It's more like a voluntary choice to miss a meal, sometimes two, just every now and then. Once or twice a week. That's what interment fasting is. It's as extreme or as simple as you choose to make it.

And drink water, water, water!


  1. Hahaha, visit the lovely Islands of Langerhans! You crack me up. I'm on a food vacation too, but it's midwinter here in NZ. Must have some more water....

  2. I'd fast, but I'm afraid I'd get hungry.

  3. I like getting hungry. It makes eating again so much more enjoyable. Eating without being hungry is like having sex when you're not h**ny. Are people afraid of getting h**rny? Not usually...

  4. Does it work with lattes? :)
    I've love to go walking down that path right about now. Ahhhhhhhhh.

  5. I think we both agree that fasting is a good thing. I used to and sometimes am afraid of being hungry. It's not the worst thing that can happen is it? When I do my fasts I am using a product that has the nutrients my body needs and I know it is not in starvation mode. I actually read somewhere that hunger pains are a sign your body is eating off the fat. Probably not true but a nice thought.

    I really appreciate your comments and support.

  6. fasting is one of my favorite tools in my tool pouch. lots more enjoyable now that ive cut loose of all the pre-prescribed marketed programs and just listened to my own instincts. however, if i hadnt had pilon,hofmelker ect to learn from, id never have even learned about all this. coolness!

  7. I regularly engage in "very fast fasting". I do this several times a day.

    Sometimes I wish there was such a thing as a "life fast".

  8. So how long of a fast Anne?

  9. Sometimes I just miss a meal. Sometimes, I just have broth. Once or twice a month I try to "officially" fast, just for 24 hours - more if my body says it's ok. I still drink water, though.

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