23 June 2009

things I ate today

not alot of variety

I am one of those lucky (or unlucky as the case may be) people who don't need alot of variety. I could be happy eating the same thing every day, for a very long time.

Before I stumbled onto low carb, I had some kind of ulcer. What kind, I don't know, because I never got it diagnosed. (Typical nurse!) But for months I could only eat 5 or 6 things that did not make my condition worse.

The food didn't make it better; it just didn't make it worse.

Now, about 3 months into a low-carb way of eating, I have thrown out the Zantac and the Prilosec. Bad for the economy. I'm sure I kept some part of it going with all those Cokes and fast foods! But good for me!

So now my menu postings are...what's the word? Boring? Redundant? Fit for a bed-time story 'cuz my menu would bore anyone to sleep?

Variety? I love it! I just don't need it somehow. People who know me say my personality is somewhere between "House" and "Monk." I hope they meant that as a compliment!


  1. Hehe, I am the same way. Some people call it a routine, some call it a rut! I call it just fine :-)

    I eat pretty much the same things for weeks at a time. Works well for grocery shopping!

    I joked about it with my trainer the other day, and he said it's totally normal, it's what nearly everyone does. Who knew! :-)

  2. I like variety for supper, but I generally eat the same things for bf, lunch and snacks. Makes life a little easier...

  3. I think if most people analyzed what they buy at the grocery it's the same stuff over and over. I hardly ever make a list cause I know what I buy. same, same, same.

    If I like something I rarely ever get sick of it. For instance, peanut butter. Always loved it always will. And chocolate, wish I would get sick of it. That'll never happen.

  4. yes on all accounts. i could grocery shop in my sleep. lol.

    my palate is so simple, if i do start craving a healthy food, like fruit recently, i have to listen. it means i need somethin'.

  5. We don't do a large variety here, either. Like Jack, supper is the meal that changes the most, but even then, we have our same olds.
    I am laughing out loud about the House/Monk comment. I'd take it as a compliment. I love both, quirks and all.

  6. I can do just fine eating a core group of meals. For me, it's more an issue of simplicity. I like to keep things simple and manageable. My wife prefers much more culinary variety than me. So, we try to find an acceptable balance.

    Hope you have a lovely day, Anne.

  7. Funny how most people I know are just fine with eating the same things over and over (including me), but that's one of the first things that critics of low carb bring up (after the fat/cholesterol hysteria)--"It's so boring!"

  8. That's great that you don't need medication anymore.

    I am the same. Could happily eat the same every day? Especially if that meant I could have cake or chocolate each afternoon. :P

  9. Hah, between House and Monk, eh? Now THAT'S one hell of a personality!

    As far as the menu variety goes - hey, whatever - at least we get to eat delicious "natural" type food. They think "variety" is a different flavor of Kashi 7-Whole-Grain (Super-Carb) bar? Please. Call me when they discover some new types of animals to eat. :)

    BTW, I had reflux pretty bad before I started eating low-carb - glad to hear that you ditched the "purple pill" for good!

  10. Well I happen to love Hugh Laurie so...
    I had to think about this the other day myself.
    When I'm "off" i eat the same things too ...
    burgers, fries, pop, ice cream ...repeat.
    I love what I'm eating, simplistic as it is. I get the variety from all the pretty colors of my food.
    like going into cruise control with my eating ... less decisions make life easier.
    Love the red plate!
    and i got rid of the acid reflux as soon as i stopped the junk/fast/processed food. almost immediately
    Glad you're here, Anne!

  11. One of the great things about low carbing was the variety I could have. I even established my own recipe site. http://www.geocities.com/recipesbybruce/Recipes_By_Bruce.html No reason I can't eat like a king while I'm losing weight.


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