10 June 2009

no country for fat men

call it, friendo

"Let me ask you something. If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?"

Of what use was the rule. What an excellent question.

I am the one who once thought I was entitled to eat anything I wanted, just because I was hungry, or tired. Or I didn't want to GET hungry or tired. Anything, in any amount. If I wanted it, I gave it to myself.

It's like that "fat girl" who lives inside my head. She sometimes runs around in between these blogs. I heard Lyn mention her at Escape From Obesity. This imaginary fat girl, the one who lives in my head, would look like Violet from Willy Wonka. She always wants more. She first coaxes, then insists, then has a meltdown if she can't get a treat. She's the one who says "let's watch tv instead of working out." The one who sleeps, and dreams of lasagna, while the "fit girl" is busy living her life.

It never tastes as good as you think it will...Every now and then, you win the "taste lottery" and for a while, it does taste good. Just like you thought it would. But those times are rare for me, and most of the time I ask myself "why did I eat that - again?'

It's just a thought, just the ego. The trick is to learn to not listen to it.

So the rules I followed brought me to this.

One Coke a day, just one extra couple of hundred calories -- can add up over a year to more than a couple of pounds. It changes so slowly, you don't notice. Till one day, you do.

Then you decide "once and for all" that you have had enough. I've had enough. I guess more than a few of us have said that and meant it, and get lulled back into the old way of thinking. I know I have. And I see the result every day.

So now I am learning to think differently. Like fasting. And learning I didn't die just because I skipped lunch. Or learning how to cook, again. This time, healthy foods.

The rules I follow brought me to this. Time to change the rules.


  1. That scene in the little gas station with the coin flip still haunts me.

    Good post.

  2. this illustrates the most valuable asset ive achieved with IFing+LCing, a quieting of that little voice. the fat girl is still there, but even as i am still big and have body fat to lose, she stays silent more and more.

  3. Have not seen the movie but your post IS SO TRUE!

  4. Thank you all for your comments. As usual, I love being part of this virtual community! It means a great deal to me.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Fat girl came out screaming for some ice cream tonight and I told her to shut up, and when she wouldn't, I put her on an exercise bike for a half hour. That shut her up :)

  6. Lyn - you have quite a way with words. The bike - I BET that shut her "pie hole!"

  7. Great post Anne. I actually posted a picture of Mz. Violet Beauregard on my post. That's exactly how I felt 10 weeks ago. So sad.

  8. This reminds me of a scene from the Albert Brooks film "Defending Your Life". It's at about the 4 or 5 minute mark in this clip. If you check it out, look for the old man and the little girl.


    You have a lovely writing style, Anne. It's a pleasure to read what you've got to say.

    Are you a Coen Bros. fan? Ever seen "Miller's Crossing"? It's one of my favorite films of all time.

  9. Hi Anne,

    Nice blog. As a new person I would tell you, follow the rules of a medical doctor. There are so many plans (low carb) out there that would be sure to fit your lifestyle and tastes. Please, please, please don't fall into the trap of following JMs footsteps. His Jimmification of low carb (because of his focus on products and selling those products) is his real mission. Please don't be taken in by his latest "fad" of organic, local food and raw milk. It won't last. Check out his menus going back for months and months...nothing ever lasts with him and he contradicts himself with it many different times.

    I'm not trying to speak poorly of him but as a newcomer to lc, I just want to make you aware, not everyone is what they appear or represent.

    Thanks and have a great day.


  10. Great post...I loved that movie and the book and the Coen Brothers period.

    That fat girl is a cunning one. She has me beleiving all the lies she tells me. She is very big on rationalization, and justification.

    Thanks for comments over my way today...needed it!

  11. Ond one year later - I finally am learning to not listen...
    Or talk back and tell it "You are not real!"
    Because that makes it real, doesn't it!


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