11 June 2009

I'm glad I'm not sensitive!

people say the darnedest things

Once, at the indoor walking track, a "little old lady" passed me by - again - as I was walking. She winked at me, and asked "Are you OK, honey?" So I did the only thing I could think to do. I started limping! I carried on for a good 5 minutes about "Oh, my ankle!" (which, of course, was fine!)

Once, a neighbor was visiting. She was venting a little about what a "rather large" person had done to her, or said to her (or maybe even just looked at her wrong!) Then my neighbor made a little *gasp* and covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh, Anne, nothing personal! No offense, dear!" I guess she thinks that we "rather large" people all stick together. Come to think of it, we do! Here at least.

Once, a lady (a sociopath, I think) looked me square in the eye and announced, very matter of factly "YOU are as big as a house!" Oh, come on! "What?" I asked, with my mouth gaping open, for I could not believe my ears. Never missing a beat, she replied "You heard me." A house? What kind of house... a little townhouse? A condo maybe? An apartment? Maybe a Mc Mansion :D

Once, a family member of a patient (I am a home nurse) called my company and asked if they could please send a "skinny" nurse. She was afraid I would get stuck in the shower while showering the patient. That's what she said. Stuck in a 5 foot wide enclosure! Later that same day, she came running out from her bedroom. She was napping and had a dream that I sat on her furniture and broke it! She then directed me to sit on the couch....

Once, I was checking out at a place where they require a picture i.d. The checkout lady looked up, and back to her computer screen. Back and forth she looked, until finally she asked "Do you have a sister?" No, just me. That's me! "Oh," she stammered. "Look at the time! Gotta go!"
True stories, all!


  1. i relate totally! you sort of block out all the glares and tones of disgust, that is until you start to trim down, and all the sudden you're getting treated more normally. its almost offensive to be smiled at more often, spoken to with respect more often, accepted with a direct wide eyed look, only because you are looking better. hmmph. so true. sorry you've been put through the ringer like that! some enjoy cruelty, as sport, thats for sure.

  2. Sticks and Stones - easy to say... but how great when we finally can mean it! And laugh (gently) at ourselves!

  3. "Well, ma'am. I may be as big as a house, but you're as ugly as an ogre. I can always go on a diet, but nothing's gonna help that mug."

    I don't have an improvement over the "Owwww... my ankle." That was some quick thinkin'.

    Very entertaining, Anne.

  4. Thanks, Jack! It didn't help my case that on that day, I was wearing HOT PINK SCRUBS! Poor lady, with her cataracts, all she saw was a giant, pink blur! Needless to say, that day I RETIRED my "shocking pink" scrubs!

  5. Thanks for visiting....AND for enlightening me. Guess as an old fart, I'm not up on all the blog abreviations. :( Poor me. Thanks again. Love your blog.

  6. VRaz60 Old fart? Not at all! LOL! Thanks for reading. Love your blog too!

  7. LOL, too funny! What is bad here in Japan is that even a slightly overweight person is persecuted here in Japan. My friend is a K-1 teacher and one of his students walked up to him and said, "You are metabo! Do you know what that means?" and then patted my friend on the stomach and said, "This is metabo!!"

    Needless to say my friend, who sports a LITTLE beer belly wanted to throttle the young whipper snapper..haha but he was better than that.

    Metabo is short for metabolic syndrome. Something everyone here talks about in Japan. I mean, the student that said that to my friend is 5 years old.Young to old everyone talks about "metabo".

    At least my friend can feel better than me...I am often described as a "Debu" or "Sumo-san" the first one being an endearing term for" Fat ass!" and the second for yes a sumo wrestler. HAHA

  8. Even a five year old gets by with saying that? I wonder what would have happened in a similar situation here?

  9. My suggestion comes from years of intensive training at a monastery in the remote mountains of Tibet.

    Always carry rubberbands, Grasshopper.

  10. That's amazing. People never cease to surprise me with their cruelty and stupidity!

    I, luckily, don't have that many instances of something like this!

    Once, a teenager in the mall snorted like a pig at me. And once some kid in a car screamed "you're a huge fat ass!" as he drove by me walking.

    Its incredible how these things sting even when we "brush them off" they surely stick with us!

    That being said.. thanks for sharing them :-) The ankle thing was GENIUS!

  11. Love your blog!

    Oh the house thing reminds me that when I was 15 or 16 years old, my uncle looked right at my mother and referring to me, said "Her ass is as wide as a barn". Which barn?? :-)

  12. In my world, we call mean people bitches. Those were not nice things to say to anyone, ever. Grrrrrrr

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've read many of your posts and enjoyed your insight very much. I'll be back again soon! Nice to meet you.

  13. Hey I'm late to the party at commenting on your blog. I just have to say wow. I can't believe how awful people can be! The worst I got was elementary school one of my classmates asked me if he could pop me if he stuck me with a needle. winner.


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