25 June 2009

too hot to trot

The almost 160 degree Fahrenheit picture was taken inside the automobile with the windows shut.

The almost 130 degree Fahrenheit picture was taken of a can, left out in the sun.  

Well done?  Just about medium rare, I'd say!

On the "plus" side, I have a cool protein mix on hot summer days such as this... too hot to eat!
And water, water, water!

I imagine going through the day carrying 30 extra pounds.  WOW! 


  1. I hope/think this Summer is going to be much easier with regard to the heat. Being the sweaty fat guy just isn't much fun.

  2. Harry....that was a pseudo-shout-out to your iced latte coffee mix! (Posted recently on your wonderful blog!)

  3. Crap that's HOT. and people (well idiotic, criminally insane ones) leave their kids and pets in their cars!

    I agree, kinda hot to eat. I only ate one real food meal today. had 2 pro shakes. enuff.

    30 lbs off eh? very nice.

  4. TEXAS in SUMMER! (Dallas).... and the humidity is up a little too. Gotta love it! Two mile run, anyone?

  5. "When it gets too hot for comfort, and you can't get an ice cream cones, t'ain't no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones."

    Music: Walter Donaldson Lyrics: Edgar Leslie
    Copyright: ©1929/1955


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