21 June 2009

sleeping with the enemy

charley horse

A horse in my bed every night. Sometimes two. My stifled screams of utter agony were wakin' up the "neigh-bors."

This week, I have had awful leg cramps every night. The kind that wake you up wanting to scream out in pain...if only you could catch your breath.

Not enough potassium? Well, I took some.

Not enough magnesium? Well, I took some of that, too.

Too much rebounding? Well, I also walk, and mix up my routine. And I stretch a lot, every chance I get.

Maybe a DVT? A clot? Had it checked. No clot, thank goodness! Not in each leg, simultaneously.

Not enough water? I drank more. Too much water? I drank less. Too hot? I bought a fan. Too cold? I wear leg warmers.

I ended up putting Bio Freeze on my legs before I went to sleep. It worked, too. Thank goodness. I reapply it every time I get up in the night.

Sympathy cramps for fellow bloggers - slash - dieters? The world may never know....


  1. Another thing that works is tonic water.. the quinine(SP) in Shwepps tonic water helps relieve cramps :)

    Plus side there is no smell..bad side it tastes like #%$'"#%&# LOL

  2. I got cramps A LOT when I started out low carbing. Once I started taking potassium supplements though, I was fine.

    So, keep up with those.. and hopefully it should help!

    Ouch :-(

  3. is there such a thing as a low carb, high potassium fruit? sometimes a person may need minerals that are more naturally assimilated. bannana though, ugh. no way.

  4. You're having sympathy clot pain! How nice of you :) I hope the pain goes away soon!

  5. Low Carber - I put the Quinine on my legs. It didn't help. Yuk - we DRINK that stuff? hehe
    Chai Latte - I use Lite Salt for potassium. It does seem to work.
    rachel421 - if there were such a fruit, little kids would have neighborhood "leg-cramp" stands instead of lemonade stands!
    MackAttack - Yes, we all share the PAIN and the JOY!

  6. I think you're on the right track. Adequate levels of potassium (which is often quite a lot - avocados are a great source), calcium, magnesium and b-vitamins can make a world of difference. The form of magnesium matters as well - poorly absorbed forms, such as magnesium oxide may not work as well as magnesium citrate, glycinate, malate or taurinate.

  7. Anne, do you eat much fish? Most types are high in potassium and zero carbs.

  8. Patty - yes, I love fish and need to eat more. Good idea - thanks!
    Harry - I thought i was going to have to start a new blog - the "OUWIE ZOWIE Menu Blog!" hehe

  9. Ha! I hope that won't be necessary! :-)


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