24 June 2009

couching tiger, hidden dragon

couch no more

I realized I haven't been spending much time in front of the tv.  Not like I was last summer. Or the summer before that. 

So I cancelled the premium movie channels.  Just called and did it. That will save about a couple o' bucks a month for something that I have only used a couple times since starting Atkins.

Don't misunderstand - I LOVE movies! However, if I like a movie enough to watch it twice, I just get it from I-Tunes, anyway.  

Nowadays,  I have different priorities.   [now-a-days?  is that a real word?] Now, I would rather spend my time taking walks.  Rebounding. Or watching the Food Channel.  Or Fit TV. You Tube. Or even blogging.

Or as Jack Sh*t said, "Blogging while jogging!"

Or just "chillaxing."  Or meditating without falling asleep.  Or reading my favorite book, which is A Course In Miracles. 

Or visiting a person.  A real person.  Perhaps going somewhere, doing something.  

Or just doing nothing, without getting into trouble.  Which I suspect is how I got into trouble in the fist place.


  1. Isn't it interesting how our priorities change? Like you, I used to watch a lot of movies (and TV), now I hardly turn it on. Of course, it has been replaced with a lot of computer time.

  2. No one ever went to their deathbed saying they wished they'd watched more TV.

  3. This ties into a long held belief that I've had - improving one's personal health often leads to an expansion in the personal growth department.

    Good on you, Anne. It makes me happy to learn of your progress and success. :-)

  4. omg
    i just said to my friend michele this very night ~ timely post, anne!!! ~ that i'm pretty sure i'm going to cancel my cable completely.
    i've been spending more time PARTICIPATING in life rather than observing & I like it.
    i usually had the damn thing on 4 noise anyway. if it's noise i want these days it'll be music!
    to dance to around the house.
    any 411 I need will come to me when I need it.
    no newspaper has entered my house in years ~~ I survived probably because my blood pressure was kept low by NOT reading it.
    I find more entertainment & info on the net anyway ~~ What I want not what someone wants to feed me.
    I'm not sure if u know or not but I chillaxed just today :)

  5. now-a-days ~~ oh yeah ... real word
    the present day; these times
    just in case you were serious

  6. Being fed - feeding myself the right things in the right way - great metaphors for healing and learning how to care for myself. All over again - yet for the first time!

  7. i love movies, but madison avenue and all that food porn they put on tv is really not supportive of my fasting. i can only take so many pizza commercials before i start rationalizing that i should probably be "good" to myself and have a cheat day. marketing works, and you can tip toe around it on the net much more easily!

  8. Good for you! Cutting back on the TV can be tough. I haven't had tv since I moved in with my boyfriend and his roommates, last November. Its incredible what you find to do with your time.

  9. We canceled our cable about 3 months ago and truly i don't miss it! And yep it save a pile of money :)

  10. I was just thinking the same thing too. I want to even get rid of the DVR...I don't use that very much anymore either.

    All because I am moving more, living more, and eating less.


  11. We speak the same language! "now-a-days" :-)))
    I cancelled HBO too. I hadn't watched it since Soprano's went off the air.

  12. I'm not a multi-tasker, but I do watch TV at night while I'm reading blogs. Can't get rid of the premium channel because hubby likes it. I don't watch a lot of TV at all anymore.

  13. Hi, just popped over from Fitcetera! I totally agree about the TV - it is a time and life sucker!!!

  14. I'm so very proud of the choices that you have made. I wasn't much of a tv and I'm still not. I can watch a show or two throughout the week, if even that much but Boo is a sport guy and has to have his sports so the tv does come on. I have other creative things that I can do.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. You're doing so good!

  15. Good for you Anne! We finally upgraded to the cable package with FitTV from the basic cable back in Feb. And now everyone is cancelling their cable! We are always about 10 steps behind with this kind of stuff.

    I really like your new priorities.


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