14 June 2009

a day in the life

strawberry jelly forever

0600 Decaff coffee with cream and coconut oil. Two tablespoons of almond butter (or pb!) with cream cheese or sf strawberry jelly.

1000 Hamburger and eggs (omega 3, both) with cheese and cayenne pepper flakes. (That's almost everyday! Sometimes I substitute bacon.)

1400 A Diet DrPepper, perhaps, and some pork rinds, for something crunchy. Or not.

1800 Maybe a salad with different kinds of cheese, real bacon bits, ranch dressing. Most days I skip the salad and just have the cheese.

2200 If I'm still hungry, a cup of beef+chicken broth with coconut oil . One scoop o' flaxseed meal.

Funny, when I was visiting California, hardly no one had heard of Pork Rinds. They looked at me like I was crazy. The store guy would wrinkle up his nose and make this shocked face and say the words back to me, real slow, like it was a different language. "Pork..rye? Pork..pie? Pork..wrings, er, uh, wings?" I guess they are a "Texas" thing!

I drink at least 2 liters of water a day, sometimes more.

I shop and cook on my days off, which are staggered and varied. I always have "good" quick food nearby in case a patient's dog eats my lunch (it has happened!) Or in case I don't have time to cook and pack up a "real meal."


  1. It depends on what part of California. Some people call them "skins".

  2. Nice looking menu, Anne.

    When I first met my wife, she was doing the Atkins diet and I wasn't. She somehow managed to find pork rinds back then - in southern California no less! But, that was at the height of the low carb boom. Nowadays, I'm not sure how easy they are to find.

    Quick and easy to prepare food is my favorite kind. :-)

  3. So how is this working for you Anne? Sounds pretty good, except for the decaf! :-)

  4. Looks good to me! my brother is doing this and now has lost 24lbs in 3 weeks!!

    Good luck love!

  5. I will always sing the praises of Dr. Atkins for at least discovering and advocating low -carb...regardless of what new discoveries the future brings - he helped get it started.
    When I switched to decaf I lost 5 pounds in a week. When I went back to regular coffee, I had such reflux - it just wasn't worth it. So I settled on half regular, half decalf!

  6. Good work. Hey, even in Nebraska & Iowa you can find pork rinds....and in several flavors even. Them darned Cali's just don't know what's good eats. :)

  7. pork rinds with cottage cheese blended with lousianna hot sauce, ambrosia!

    ill have to admitt, i need to go half-calf,,,,someday. eeek.

  8. Oh pork rinds make me think of my mother. She ate those dang things for entire time she was on Atkins. Had me eating them too. You do need to have a drink handy when you eat those dry things. I like 'em though.

    So you take a "back-up" lunch? That's a hoot.

  9. They still sell pork rinds in Minnesota, and I'm in a small town to boot. I don't like them. My hubby got them when he did Atkins, and he loved them, but I never developed a taste for them. lol
    I'll send you a bag. lol

  10. The "back up lunch" is more like emergency rations: a protein shot, pistachios, a goodie bag of things that don't go bad - to make sure I don't go bad - in a moment of temptation!


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