28 June 2009


Hmmmm.... should I go through the drive through today?

I'm really hungry....How about a hamburger? I don't want to get too little protein. That's a real problem; too little protein.

I mean, maybe that's why I'm stalling. Too little protein...yeah, that's it! Right!

Hmmm! That's good. Just what I needed. Nothing much, just a sandwich, and a glass of milk. Maybe some small talk with the nice guy who runs the hotel. He brought my dinner. Norman, was it?

Hmmm......just what I needed! A nice warm shower after my heavy duty work out!

This is good. Just a nice cozy hotel room, off the beaten path. It's like a day spa. Maybe a mud-pack.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is just silly. I must be in ketosis - everything is funny - how happy - lol!


  1. you got ketosis with the mostest!

    hey are you sure you shouldnt be in advertising or some visual arts career instead nursing??? its been alfreds day on turner classic movies, ive dvr'ed all of them! love the guy!

  2. thanks, rachel for your kind words! indeed it was "hitch" day on tcm!

  3. Anne, you are a writer who happens to nurse.
    This is A+ entertainment.
    Spread the HAPPY!!!

  4. I love your posts with movie references!!!

    While on the road, my car wanted to turn into Wendy's so badly, I had to really force the steering wheel to go straight. I kept thinking the same thing: I need a hamburger for the protein. lol

  5. Norman (and his mum) would hate our knife set. We're the market for new ones ... for kitchen use only.

    On the other hand, dull knives make for a better work out.

  6. Yikes! That second remark could be considered very creepy! I was referring to a culinary work out only.

  7. I just recently watched Psycho II on cable. Crazy. I have not posted in a few days but I have been doing a lot of drive thru's this week. Bad stuff. I'll blog more later.

  8. On a long road trip today and I have to tell you, doing the "What the effin' hell can I eat?" dance was really annoying...

    Ended up at a sub place with a whole wheat roll and tuna...that's the best in the face of many other easier choices that would have been harder on me in the long run....

    And, that comment you just left on my blog? That was an excellent, excellent question so thanks!


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