02 June 2009


projection makes perception

At first I thought rebounding was for middle-aged women who were a little ...heavy. Wow! Now I know I was only describing myself. No one would guess I am close to 50. And my heaviest weight was 200++. I can't say for sure, because I refused to weigh.

I am a nurse, actually, and the lymph system fascinates me. There are lots of web materials on Manual Lymph Drainage and Lymph Massage. They even offer certification in it.

Rebounding is a good way to move lymph and muscles that wouldn't get deep stimulation otherwise. Imagine moving all those body parts. The springs on the rebounder give a boost that my body can't give to itself right now.

Massage is also great. Every night and morning I do a quick little Lymph Massage on myself. It's just a simple massage with a very light touch - you could use a feather, the touch is so light. It takes 5 or 10 minutes. Always massage toward the lymph nodes. There are nodes in your armpits and groin, among other places. There are clips on Youtube that show the technique.

People who are sick with some lymph involvement, or even a cold should not try this until they discuss it with a doc or a therapist. I'm not one of those Nurses who go around telling people what they should be doing. (Actually, I am, but not in this case!)

This is just what I do. Although sometimes the treatment for lymph diseases is Lymph Massage! It's safe, and effective, and works great. They even offer lymph massage in hospitals and clinics! There are plenty of ways to find out more, if the idea intrigues you. (Darn, I wish I could link!)

I don't exercise just to lose weight at this point. Although it burns calories, for sure! I rebound mostly for the physical movement and lymph stimulation. They say the lymphatic system circulates once every 24 hours. The lymph system does not have a pump. It pulls extra fluid and cellular debris from your body. It moves almost like a vacuum, pulling. But with movement and stimulation, it circulates much, much more often. With all that ketosis, lyposis, and metabolic changes, it makes sense to me to move that lymph!

I skipped a day (and boy, were my legs sore!! lol) and got back to rebounding right away. I have lost a lot of inches from my thighs in just a few weeks. My pants actually fell off of me as I was walking last night. Yikes! That's something you don't see every day!


  1. my rebounder has been sitting on the patio. i think ill give it a try today. when i bought it six months ago, i was too out of shape to enjoy it. we'll see!

    lymph drainage. ill give that a try too, thanks for the tips

  2. I love mine. I could only go a few minutes at first. Two weeks later, I'm up to ten minutes, twice a day. Or more, if I'm off work that day! "Bounce-Stop-Bounce!" lol

  3. Anne,

    I really enjoy the topics you bring up. Using a rebounder isn't very practical in my case - we live in an apartment with pretty low ceilings. :-)

    I've always been under the impression that even regular walks should help lympathic fluid flow. Am I mistaken? My hunch is that walking isn't as effective as bouncing but is still helpful.

    I'm a sucker for massage. If I ever become a billionaire, I would love to be able to treat my wife and myself to a daily massage. Not only does it feel great but it's also a health promoting practice. My favorite form of massage is reflexology.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Hope you have a wonderful night. :-)

  4. Harry, you make my day! It's always good to hear from you. And yes, walking is GREAT for lymphatic drainage - movement.


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