31 May 2009

drink to the beat

got water?

I know one of the many grey areas of dispute is the concept of water. How much? First they say eight 8 oz glasses. Then more. Then less. Do they mean well, or are they just mistaken liars?

Either way, you can't get around in a Texas summer without drinking a boat-load of water.

But I always forget, so I remind myself to drink by the numbers. An old Army trick! Thirsty or not, drink a little - a few sips, every so often.

My goal is to drink about 4 ounces or so every hour. That way, it's not too much all at once. It takes a day or two to get in the habit, but it does help.

I sometimes think that I am in ketosis (yay!) when I am probably just a little dehydrated (boo!)

Either way, it seems to be a good idea. Cheers!


  1. There seems to be some conflicting info on the benefits of water, but I've found that drinking a lot curbs my appetite and satisfies my desire to eat or drink something at my desk.

  2. I am a big advocate of drinking water. Many of us are dehydrated and do not even know it. I believe it flushes out the toxins and I believe it helps the metabolism speed up. And it's hard to eat when your tummy is filled with water. I try to drink a minimum of 3 32oz ers a day.

  3. I've found that white tea tends to work better for helping with my occasional hunger pangs. This may just be an individual quirk. Or, it may have something to do with it being a warm liquid. Don't know.

    I try not to drink much when I eat. The reason is that I *think* it may not be supportive of the normal digestive process and/or it may speed the food through quicker. In between meals, I try to drink plentifully however (several glasses of water a day).


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