07 June 2009

grass-fed cows

all cows eat grass

I listen to Jimmy Moore's podcasts. They are very, very good. Lots of info. In one of the episodes, he was interviewing someone about Omega 3 fatty acids and grass vs grain fed beef.

It makes sense that if humans can have weight gain and insulin problems from grain and corn, so can cows. In fact, isn't weight gain the point when it comes to selling cows?

The grass-fed beef is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. People who are on Atkins or other low-carb diets could possibly benefit from more Omega 3 and less Omega 6 fatty acids. The grass-fed beef is more expensive, but much, much better quality.

It went on to say all kinds of good things about the joys of grass-fed - not grain fed - beef. For beef, milk, butter, anything .

Does anyone else think it makes a difference? Just curious.


  1. Good points. I am going to try to get the grass fed beef myself. I'm hoping I can get it at our locally owned health food store.

  2. I think it probably is preferable to eat grass fed meat and dairy. I suspect it's similar to the difference between eating conventionally grown and organic produce. For instance, some evidence exists that shows that organic fruits and veggies contain greater quantities of antioxidants and nutrients. In the case of grass fed cattle, it appears that (as you stated) they contain a healthier ratio of omega 3's to 6's and are richer sources of certain fat soluble nutrients and CLA (which may support fat loss).

    The downside is the cost and/or the inconvenience of trying to find grass fed sources.

    Personally, I buy grass fed when the price is reasonable enough. One grass fed product I've purchased on occasion is New Zealand grass fed ground lamb (at Whole Foods). Trader Joe's also used to sell grass fed burgers.

  3. i remember reading "diet for a new america". it put me on a low fat, high sugar routine, but it also educated me about factory farming animals. gross. you would hope 'grass fed' also implies cleaner, more free range living for the creature. but the price,,,eeek.

  4. For many years I was a vegan, and very organic, too. Then one Octoberfest, I gave in -- to an overwhelming craving for a wiener-schnitzel. And that ended my vegan years! And I'm much better off for it.

  5. I found a local grass-fed beef supplier in my area who sells ground beef for $5 a pound. That's not too much more expensive than the grain-fed ground beef and the taste and texture is like night and day--AMAZING!

  6. Jimmy Moore: Night and Day is right. I don't ever want to go back - given a choice. Thanks for all of your comments!

  7. The catch around here is that much of the grass-fed beef is so very lean. They trim off most of the fat before it's ground. Steaks are trimmed. Phooey.


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