16 February 2013

fry and fry again

Went to my fave store of all time - Macy's

They have awesome sales - 
Got this ProCustom ll cup Cuisinart  
for the group home.

I am trying to re-learn relearning some basic cooking skills.
And adding some new ones.

When I was heavier, I ate out every meal of every day
With few exceptions. Didn't even own pans!
I haven't really cooked since I took care of my Dear Mother...
And really, I just heated LeanCuisine dinners up for her.
(Forgive me, Atkins - where ever you are)

So after throwing an initial "Baby Fit" 
(More like "Sh*t Fit" if you ask me)
That my first attempt at baking was not a complete, 
total, raging, wonderful, heart-stopping success ---

I decided to learn from my so-called mistakes
And get back on the proverbial horse.
And try again. 
Remember the Purple Chicken? (link)

Live and Learn, eh?
Live and learn.

So this is Fat Bread (link)
 The author himself wrote that the 3rd time was the charm for him!

Mine turned a little green!
Now, after a good night's sleep, I am looking at this more analytically.... 
There is a green~gray tint to the bread...
Mainly on the bottom of the loaf.
Several other people had the same thing happen to them.
Almost like when the sulfur in hard-boiled egg yolks turns green~gray.

Any chemists out there?
Or anyone want some green bread?


  1. I made coconut bread one time that turned out green.... I think. The more mistakes you make in the kitchen, the more you learn how not to do something.

    Does your care home need a chef??

    1. I can't grill but I know my way around the kitchen :)

    2. So far, I am going to be cooking... all organic meals.... all top-notch stuff.
      I am trying my hand at all kinds of new stuff... breads and fancy foods....
      I love every minute of it... even when things don't go eggactly as planned!

  2. Are you moving into a group home or starting one? It sounds so exciting!


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