13 February 2013

happy valentines day!

The first time I asked Siri - 
She told me "This is about you, Anne... not me!"

An old way to take eggs for lunch

And bacon - a thermos full of oven-baked bacon!
Just in time for Valentines Day!

I think Siri is finally warming up to me!

Happy VD y'all!


  1. LOL! Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Anne.

  2. I am TERRIFIED of your phone! It reminds me of the house in this story There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury. Glad you are getting along!

  3. Your phone talks to you? I'm not sure I'd like that ... she'd be smarter than me, I just know it.
    Anne, if I wanted to try a low carb diet, where would I start. I'm getting bored at just counting calories and not seeing anything happen. Oh I know, I can search the web but you've been there, done that so figured I'd see where you started.
    Happy Valentines day my friend. Blessings!


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