28 February 2013

blond3 stunt

These people have been seeing alot of me...lol

Animal Style - Protein Style

RockFish Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna Salad and some Wine...
Gotta feed the people who help ya move across town!

Thanks, Amy from FaceBook! 
Got the Ketone Meter - now to do the stick

Pulled a Blonde Stunt and locked the keys in the truck....
That happens every few years, I guess.
I was sitting in a parking lot, blogging...
THEN I found out that the new house has wifi-
Who knew?

Went to a funeral today - for one of my last Hospice cases...
Before I turn into a full-time House Mother.
I need new clothes - can't even pretend 
to wear the old baggy stuff any more! 
Everything - and I do mean everything - 
Is new these days! My mind is still spinning.

Packing and unpacking - hard work!
But I am loving every minute of it!


  1. What a great new chapter of your life!

  2. You're doing great, Anne. I love hearing about your new adventure!

  3. Ditching the big scrubs for brand new little duds... cool!

  4. Oh my! So exciting. I am thrill about this great new adventure. I want to go to In-N-Out with you!!!

  5. Yay for new clothes. I admire the fact that you worked with hospice for so long. I bet that was very difficult. We had a hospice care worker when my grandmother was ill with cancer. Her name was Tammy and she was really there for us, especially at the very end. I got to spend a few minutes alone with my grandmother just after she passed. It was precious time and I felt I was able to say good bye even though I wasn't there the moment she passed. Bless you for doing that work. I can understand your being so excited about working with healthier patients now in a group setting. I wish you the best.

    1. Oh, Karen! We say in Hospice that death is a process...not an event. It is ALL precious time. Every day is a gift. Being at the bedside of a patient when they take their last breath is not always practical or possible!
      I am glad you got to spend some time with her, and say your good-byes.
      And THANKS for your kind words! People never ever forget their Hospice Nurses!

  6. Oh! Now I want In-N-Out!!! My sweet niece brought me a burger (animal style of course) in a cooler at Christmastime. I have to say even after a ten hour drive and reheated in the oven it was still an amazing burger, lol. :)

  7. Glad you're eating sometimes!! Can;t wait to hear of your new adventures :)


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