04 February 2013

backing the right horse

Oh how I love LoCarb
I have never lamented my diiiiiiiet!

It has only helped me in every way....
And never ever hurt me or taken anything away -
Except junk food - who needs that anyhow?

It a few months, I will have been on LoCarb for 4 years.

Since March of 2009!
4 years ago, I never DREAMED I would be on Atkins,
Paleo, Ketogenic, LoCarb.... call it what you will -

And when I started I never thought I would still be loving it
As much as I do this very day!

I love the new discoveries that are being made every day

About how Saturated Fats are good for us...
And Saturated Fats are not the enemy...
And Carbs are not so good...
I actually DREAM about Saturated Fatty Acid!

I LOVE being the Nurse that was once really ... um.... heavy.
I LOVE when people ask me about LC, and even try it.
I LOVE the way I feel when I do it 100% right,
And my energy levels are like they were 30 years ago -
No wait.... who am I fooling? I NEVER felt so good!

Atkins says you can start over as many times as you need to.
And goodness knows I have had a couple of Induction Sessions.
Well, after a while - a long while for some - 
Cheating is just not worth it...
It is not possible to have the cake, and eat it, too...
Even if it is a sugar-free cake.
I went through a long phase where ANY cheating was just too much.
I don't do so well with LoCarb substitutes.

Tired of the Unexpected Items in the Bagging Area!
So - these last 10 pounds.. 15... 
Depends on what time of year you catch me...
Onward and downward we go!
*runs off to walk on treadmill*


  1. Miss A, you made my day! Love your grapefruits!

  2. It would need me 6 morning to eat two grapefruits like those! :) You just made my day, thank you! :)


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