01 February 2013


Went to GoatVille, USA (link)
Which is next door to ChickenVille (link)

They had little houses, and playground stuff -
Goats love to climb!

This is Cupid - the only male in the pack.
If there is more than one male, they will fight.
And they will kill each other to death!

A NannyGoat and her baby

He was 6 days old!
He ran away from the handler, and landed in a bowl of water!
So he had wet little feet... which they say goats don't like.
He cried and cried and bleated -
It was the cutest thing ever.

It sounded kinda like this -

Next door was ChickenVille.
This is a Silky Something or Other.
They had all kinds of Chickens and Roosters in there.

This one is laying an egg

Love me some livestock lately!
And what is not to love about that

Bought a few dozen "Farm-Fresh" Organic Eggs.
The people who ran the place gave us a little tour.
They love that chickens love grubs, bugs, and seeds!
As Becky says - some of the best things come from Chicken Butts!

Was looking for a place that sells raw goat milk.
But that is harder to find.... keep looking for that one.


  1. My dad bought a nanny goat when my sister and I were kids. She was such an intelligent little goat. My sister and I would race her around the house to see who could get back around and jump up on the porch swing first. The nanny goat knew the drill and would often beat us there. :)

    The neighbors reported that our nanny goat–—accompanied by the dogs–would chase cars that passed our house. BARK BARK BARK BARK BAAAAA BAAAA BARK BARK.

  2. Goats and chickens! What a day!

  3. Love goats!
    When I was a kid, we had some, and had a short line of storage sheds out back of the house.

    At night, our 3 goats would sneak up onto the shed roofs, and had a blast running the "race track" jumping from roof to roof in the dark. We were horrified afraid they would fall (especially the pregnant one!!), but they were so sure footed and seemed to be having so much fun. And the sound of those little hooves clattering along back and forth was sooo comical. :-D

  4. How adorable! I don't know of any place like that around here. Goats are precious little things. I love goat cheese. I haven't had goat milk. Keep on posting these interesting animal sites.

  5. What a great day. I would enjoy seeing the goats and chickens and getting some fresh eggs from some happy hens. :)


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