09 February 2013

meeting a friend

I have known some people [on and off] for 40 years!
I live about 1/2 a block from the High School
I went to.... yet no one can seem to find me!

Ah - the curse of a would-be Zombie.
We pop in and out like that.

So my friend and I met, and had a great time!
Hi, Sherri! :D

My phone, on the other hand,
is quite dead and is not coming back.
And I'm not too sure about this Mac, either.
Perhaps it is time to upgrade all kinds of things.

I am getting ready to pack out my humble little apartment.
Slow going, tedious work. Time to get rid of some junk!
A fresh start! And I am handling it pretty well.
Alot of big changes all at once!

Watching YouTube and walking and reading...
Just bliss the past few weeks!
It is odd not getting calls - a phone vacation!


  1. Are you moving? I'm like you - the people I love most have been in my life since high school - maybe added 2-3 since then.

    1. YES! I have accepted a position in a Group Home -
      I will be living there, taking care of dear sweet little ol' ladies!

  2. The Curse of the Would-Be Zombie...great book title! Good luck with the packing and sorting!

  3. I'm excited for you about the new job. You will be great I know. I'm sorry about your phone. I have an LG too. I hope you find some new equipment before you move so you will be connected to all us bloggers and Facebookers. Hugs.

  4. The move sounds exciting but I know how much work moving actually is so pace yourself.

    My Mac is on its last leg and I dread making a change (and the expense that goes with it). Hope your phone is up and running again soon.

    xo jj

  5. Good evening Anne. Just stopping by and checking in. Good luck with your move. Love you have found what makes you happy. Now a new phone, computer and whatever else you need to keep moving forward.
    Take care Anne and enjoy your moving, donating, selling and packing. It'll feel good once did and done.

  6. Will you be living in a one room apartment? Gads, I bet you have to let go of lots of stuff. I hope you enjoy your new job. I know the little ol' ladies will be so glad to have you there caring for them.

  7. That is one thing... getting rid of stuff... some will go to storage...
    some will get sold... some donated... and some just trashed.
    I sure do keep alot of old junk in de trunk! It's a clean start.

  8. I still say you made her up… She never comments on your blog – another one of your wild imaginings. "lol"

    1. It does appear that way... but no - she was real!
      (Depending on who "she" is)


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