23 February 2013

cook less, move moar

Did the carpet AND prepping the room to paint -
The ton of energy still remains with me

Oops - cooking with glass isn't the same 
as cast iron! Oh well... one less thing to pack!

Chili - on such a Spring Day
Ground Beef, Canned Tomatoes (I know)
Rotel, and spices....I use Garam Masala.
It is all in the spices! 
Topped with Goat Cheese!

LoCarb Roll-Ups, Store-Bought Pimento Cheese,
Home-Made Guac, and Tuna Salad.... 
Too good for words... just chomping!
No cooking.... just eating LC finger foods!

I have not a mixing bowl... 
So this pan will have to do...for now!

No Bake Cheese Cake...
Really, just an adventure in sweeteners!
This is pecan/mac nut crust with butter .... and
Cream Cheese with Key Lime and Truvia/Xylitol...
And BlackBerries!

To lick - or not to lick...
That is the question!

Busy busy busy moving and prepping to move!
And getting some cooking in besides!


  1. Lots of energy and great food. A winning combination!

  2. The carpet looks great! And the food looks even better. Brings back some good memories!


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