10 February 2013

spring fever

Got some seeds that are organic
And not GMO...
Gotta watch everything these days!

Can't wait to move and get a little garden going -
I am soooo excited - I can't sleep at night!

Of course, a latte late in the day does not help!
Butter - no cream here

Upped the fat intake, and cut the protein... 
And LOOK what happened! Last year and this year.

Eat like this twice a day - that is plenty!

The last of the yummy quiche!

Plotting to get a new phone....
It takes longer than I once thought!
Now the poor thing is calling people out of the blue.

This sign blew up and landed by my Truck!
So I took it home with me.

So that is my accountability for today!
Blogs and Quiches!


  1. Blogs and quiches to you too dear Miss A!

  2. I don't have even a tiny bit of ground I'm allowed to plant here at these apartments. You are so lucky to have a planting place. Have fun with it and get even healthier with the organic seeds.

  3. Looking great Dear Anne. what does GMO stand for with the seeds Anne. I can hardly wait to get into my garden too, although it has not kept me up yet. Where are you moving, hugs.

    1. CINNER!
      GMO is Genetically Modified Organism... and they are bad news for plants, and everyone who eats them!
      And get this - I took a new job in a Group Home and I am moving in there!
      Good to see you!

  4. what is that watch thingy tracking? Bacon and peanut butter.... YUMMO!!!

    1. Karla - that is my Glucometer!
      My blood sugar readings are way down -
      After too long of being way up!


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