20 February 2013

flipping the bird

I was carrying a moving box, and hit a chair -
Which bumped a table, and flipped my bird -
Mr Peepers went flying - but not in the good way!
Seeds and gravel and water and bird poo and feathers were everywhere!
He was squawking and I was mortified that I had killed the poor thing.

Back in the 90's, I had really bad carpal tunnel.
Seen here with my lovely wrist braces.
Almost had to get surgery. The Doc told me to take Vit B6,
And it got better. No surgery needed!
Lately, it has gotten worse. Just the past month or so.
Like typing poorly and dropping things.
And doing the bump-de-bump with poor Peeps.
I know the Monsters have a ton of B Vitamins in them.
Maybe I had better go back and re-create some of the 
Good ingredients from them. They really did keep me going.

I have not changed much in the oils... 
Still obsessed with low PUFA, but getting used to more MUFA
[Practicing for the Group home cooking]

Just an aside, but the shorter chain and medium chains
REALLY do take some getting used to -
Even from an Oil Eater like me!

The Little Garden is growing like crazy.
I guess I was used to cheap nasty little seeds that never sprout.
These things are full of life and energy!

Leftover quiche and steak - 
With a shrimp or two... great lunch!
Not eating much these days...
The food is so rich and wonderful,
I don't get hungry like I once did.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I hope Mr Peepers recovered! Sorry about the carpal tunnel. That can be brutal.

  2. I've worn those wrist wraps before :( Thankfully haven't needed them lately!
    Hope birdie is doing well after his accident.

  3. Hi Anne, Just caught up and glad to see you are doing well and busy with your upcoming move. When is your target move date?

    Poor Peeps. He must have thought he was on a roller coaster ride. Glad you were both okay.

    Your garden is looking good! You're smart to start your seeds early. They'll be happy in the stretch of land you scoped out for them at the new place.

    Take good care and hope your wrist feels better soon, xo jj

  4. I wish I could get not hungry. I used to be there. I hope to find it again.

  5. when you find the vitamin cocktail for the carpal tunnel, please blog about it!!! my hands have been weird lately... strange pains... freakin me a bit!!! boo


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