07 February 2013


I was a Graduate Nurse (first 6 months)
When I heard my Commanding Officer 
Teaching a young, newly-diagnosed Diabetic patient.
His family came in with all kinds of sugar-free candy.
And the Captain said  "No!
This is not about making better substitutions.
It is about making better daily choices in food!"

I have always remembered that!

This was yesterday - a High Fat day.
Kinda a Fat Fast day... After I was sick last month, 
I never really regained my appetite... fine by me!

Atkins is a High Fat diet... that just happens to be Low Carb.
I added the butter and MCT oil to my coffee.
Butter comes from cream, after all!

I dropped my protein intake down recently...
Mainly just by eating less food, and not taking protein shakes.
I was once taking in 150+ grams of protein a day!
And since protein calls forth insulin, well... 
Insulin is one thing I do well to avoid!
Yesterday's Blood Glucose was 75! 
Two hours after eating. Much improved.

I am happy to see on forums and on FaceBook,
That more and more, the PUFAs  (especially n6)
Are finally getting the bad rap they deserve.
And the Saturated Fats are the good guys!
They always were, some will say.
Most seed and grain oils are noooooo good.

Just a note here - of these Sat Fats,
Many are Short/Medium Chain,
But look at that Palmitic Acid - C16! (link) lol

Now, I let the so-called experts duke it out.
I know the Sat Fats will win out - in time.
And people will come to their senses,
And go back to eating (mostly) real, healthy food!
In the mean while, please pass the bacon!


  1. I'm Type 2, are they now saying too much protein raises my blood sugar.. I didnt't know that, but it sure answers some questions,like why is my blood sugar so high when all I ate was meat. Hum very interesting.

  2. There is a huge science behind food, it baffles me no end.
    I am trying to ... trying very hard to... work out what is going to work best for me in the long run.

    I have diabetes Type 2.
    I have high blood pressure.
    I have high cholesterol.

    And I suck at dieting.

    But, in order to live longer I must find something that works for me.

    Any suggestions? Is your diet high in cholesterol?

  3. Hi Anne, You know this is all Greek to me but i'm so proud of you for tracking it and understanding it all.
    Love the Russell Crowe pic :-)
    xo jj


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