08 February 2013

hack a mac?

My Dear Ones

Oh dear - now I know I am dreaming!
My email was hacked last night.
[Prolly not the Mac - just the gmail account]
So if you get anything from me, do not open it.
At least for the next day or so.

Especially if it looks like a goofy spam link.
I promise, I am not loving Dr Oz and his raspberry ketones!
Maybe it is spam-karma for all the rude things 
I have said about him in FaceBook! lol

I changed all my passwords, etc... 
Just be aware that I am not sending personal emails to y'all
Promoting anything!

So in the mean while, be careful out there...
It's a crazy-ass world of late!

Yours Truly,
Anne H


  1. LOL -My name is Anne H
    And I totally endorse this message!

  2. Glad you caught it fast. I recently changed my gmail passwords, too.

    Macs... yeah, they used to be "invincible". But there are too many idiots with too much time on their hands trying too hard to make a "name" for themselves just so they can claim they hacked a Mac. Kinda pathetic when you think about it! My Mac was almost infected with a bug, caught it before it got down to the hard drive... .sigh. So I sprang for a protection program. Can't hurt nowadays. :-}

    Glad to hear you don't "really" promote raspberry flavored ketone drinks!!

  3. Yep, I got a SPAM email from you but could tell it wasn't sent by you so I deleted it. Sorry that happened to you and hope there are no further consequences from it.
    xo jj

  4. Wow. It wouldn't surprise me if one of his fans pulled something like this. I'm glad you caught it. What a crappy thing for someone to do.


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