17 February 2013

cooking for a friend day

Started off with a visit from Miss Brenda...
She comes by about once a week

All decked out in high heels...
Gotta be careful on those stairs, Miss B!

Cooked this Mr Almond bread - (link)
Did not use the stevia... and added half the recipe of mac nuts
Instead of almond butter... wonderful!

Also made this awesome crustless quiche! (link)

Low Carb cooking is all in the prep!

Quality food.... this is Prime NY Strips
I asked the Butcher to leave the fat on!

My new Cow Butter Dish -
From Macy's - of course!
I love Cows!

Awesome Cauliflower Bread Sticks
ala - Your Lighter Side (link)

Ended up with this:
Steak and Shrimp with grilled veggies -
Bacon-wrapped Asparagus, Roasted Cauliflower, Peppers,
Onions, Garlic, and Grilled Avocado

Had a great visit with my friend  -
Lots of good food too!


  1. How is Miss Brenda doing?? My two favourite foods steak and shrimp!

    1. It was soooo cute - she sat me down and asked me if I really wanted to move...
      I told her it was a mixed bag.... I am really looking forward to the Group Home...
      BUT I will sure miss my neighbors of 7 years!

  2. As the friend who was the recipient of that fabulous meal, let me give thanks for the food and the company that made today absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to do it again! Thanks, Anne. Oh, and appreciate you providing the links to the recipes. Can't wait to make those cauliflower bread sticks.

    1. You are welcome anytime! Can't wait for next time, either!

  3. Those cauli breadsticks are great, aren't they. I make them all the time now. And I love that butter dish! I love cows too, which is just as well as there are hundreds of the lovely girls on the farm right next door.

    1. Love that! And the butter dish.... I just love everything these days!

  4. That Cow butter dish is adorable!
    Will you be allowed to introduce low carb type cooking at the new digs?

    1. My boss left a stack of cookbooks with these words:
      "Now, Anne, not everyone is on Atkins!"
      And right she is. If Little Granny made it 80 years without needing LC,
      then more power to her!
      A bigger huge substitute will not cooling with PUFA's (soy and corn oil)
      and adding more MUFA (olive oil). And offering Paleo-style gluten free
      treats and substitutes here and there....
      I am really looking forward to it!
      I want to be able to cook any type of medical diet is required

    2. Great thinking, wheat and pufa's are in EVERYTHING so it's good to start there.

  5. Love this whole day!

  6. Good recipes in this post. Gluten free too. Yay.

  7. Ha ha! You love cows, but you keep eating them....Food looks yummy.

  8. Everything looks amazing , Anne. I wish I could come to Texas and have dinner with you. Lovely photos and great idea to share with friends.

  9. OMG that meal looks amazing! Cauliflower bread sticks... sounds interesting!


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