16 February 2013

another suitcase in another hall

A big ol' room for me... 
Won't look so minimalist after about a week, eh?

My little seedlings are already moving and grooving.
Can't wait to get into some soil and grow some things.

It was Spring when I moved into these apartments, 
And started working in Hospice. ('07)
It was Spring when I started Atkins. ('09)
It was Spring when I moved in to my current apartment. ('10)
Two doors down from my old apartment! (link)

Classy Lassie stuff here!
Closet shelves that are not made of doors and stuff!
Moving on up in the world, eh?

If you need me, I shall be in here...
Performing a safety check - 
Yeah - that's it... saaaaaftey check!

Siri is pretty excited about the move, too.
Although she doesn't really show it.

Still won't tell me a joke.

I love being busy - I forget to eat.
Time goes by, and I remember.
Went to Central Market to get all kinds of
Foodie Things... having a friend (come over) for dinner...
And here's me - thinking of all the things I want to cook.
I finally got over my craving (compulsion) to eat all the nuts in the bag.
Now I can leave them alone.... there is no "pull" to binge on them.
About the time I started to take my vitamins - religiously.
Coincidence? Reckon not!

Hope you are having a great week-end!


  1. Good luck with your move Anne!!

  2. Can I come over and have a bath? What a sweet tub! I am so excited about your big move and new adventures...you are such a funtastic person!!!

  3. Wow, nice looking bath and WIW.


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